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Do you desperately NEED to lose weight?

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We meet people all the time who NEED to lose weight.


All they can think about is this excess fat that they need to lose.


Almost every conversation is about this stubborn belly fat, these flabby arms or those big hips…..


There is nothing wrong with identifying the problem areas of your health and body.



However, if you continue to focus on what you deem is ‘wrong’ with you and your body then you will just experience more of the same problem.



Here is a simple process to help you.



1 – Identify what you do not want – eg.. excess 14lbs, flabby stomach, cellulite, beer belly.



2 – Be clear on what you DO want.  Eg… a slender 50kg body weight, a six-pack, toned things and bum…..



3 – Find out what it will take for you to get what you want.  This includes diet, workouts and lifestyle changes.  Ask someone who consistently gets results and don’t just look for the shiniest diet off the bookshelf.



4 – Focus more on what you WANT than your current problematic situation. Stop talking about what is ‘wrong’ with you and talk about where you are heading with your body and health.  Visualization helps with this!



5 – Be consistent with your training and diet.  This doesn’t mean perfect, just do what works consistently.



You already know deep down what DOESN’T work for you diet and fitness wise, so why keep doing it?



We have 2 spots left for 1-1 online coaching.  One spot for a man who wants to drop between 2-3 stone in the next 2-3 months & one for a female who would like to see similar weight loss within the same time frame.


These spaces will go this week so please fill out the form to register your interest.




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